Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Iron Man review

That's right. I saw the new IRON MAN movie, before it's release. And no, I didn't invite anyone. I am sorry. But me seeing it first allows me to tell you all that it was an awesome movie, so good that I want to see it again this weekend when it comes out! hells yeah! i thought it was a good 'check your brain at the door' movie with humor, a good story line, smarter than action movie dialogue, and great special effects. And i finally learned why Robert Downey Jr's a star. Now let me just say i saw this film with a real fan of the IRON MAN comic books and he gave the movie a modest B-, but well, if you're not expecting much (and honestly, who can with the magic babies trailer editors create from scraps of diarrhea nowadays), then you will be more than surprised. Not only did they get the suit right, the most important point to my comic book loving friend, but the script was really funny. And stuff exploded. And i don't have to clean up any mess afterwards. Hoo--ahhhh! Can I just say, there was so much testosterone in this movie, i was man hungry when i went in, and i came out sated. Pretty good for a single gal who is pretty sure the pants stayed on for 2 hours! And yes, I could go on and on about what made this movie good, but you're not looking for me to replace your Tivoed Ebert and Roper, so I'll just say this, repeating what i said earleir, I want to see it again this weekend. That's how good it is, seeing it twice in a weekend? wha???? and you all know how hard it is to rip a $10 out of my crazy tight grips.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seeing Wicked tonight!!!!

Hello all! After a rousing night waiting in a mondo line to see IRON MAN, I am out and about tonight seeing WICKED!!! I have a review of the movie I will post later. For nown I have a couple witches to see...
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Slc wedding baby!

Hello all! I am writing you from the lovely low and basement filled Salt Lake City! Now being a Cali girl for most of my life, basements are an anomaly...we have earthquakes and defensive drivers. The rest of the US has basements and people that drive the speed limit. Needless to say, this trip was an eye opener!

I got here a few days ago for my cousin's 'controlled Chinese chaos' wedding banquet. I LOVE these things! However, her banquet was sans the usual karaoke fare, but to each his own. I wished the happy couple much luck and love, and headed straight to the bar with the rest of the cousins!

That is a pic of my older sister and younger brother. And that is the Green Street bar. I guess it is happening there when it is NOT a sunday night, but honestly, it was quite empty. And walking up to Pottery barn and Restoration Hardware at 11 pm was confusing. Looks like hip bars situate themselves between overpriced furniture stores? Who knew!
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Rice Shortage?!?!?!?

With Fuzzy Logic finally traipsing into my life, in follows the possibility of a worldwide rice shortage... Please allow me to repeat. World - Wide - Rice - Shortage.

Now sure this isn't huge news, as it has been discussed all over the place for the last few months, but it really hit home in the past week. What, hmmmm...., has made this message hit home like the fried egg in frying pan 'This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs' ad? Well friends, it all began last week when my friend Ng was at Costco (the one in Alhambra, no less). Now this Costco is so heavy in the asian persuasion, they sell oyster sauce in the gallon size container - and families of 3 buy it. I swear, this is the suburban Chinatown, and also where I grew up. Well not in Costco, but in it a lot - since it takes one a good 17 hours to get in, get stuff, and wait in a check-out line on the weekends. Ok, where was I? oh yes, Ng calls all in a huff, and asks, 'Did you stock up on rice?' Wha? I am a family of 2, and a small dog. Now sure Moose will eat his and my weight in rice if given the opportunity, but my sister/roommate and I don't cook it all the time (this is pre-Neuro Fuzzy, of course). So I chalk it up to hysteria over a possible rice shortage. But Ng continues to tell me that even at Costco they are running low on supplies and she is getting 5 bags of 50 lbs rice. Shall she pick me up some? Now Ng is one of my favorite people in the world, gorgeous and all of 5'1. Her husband was a dancer so he ain't heavy. And though they are a family, their kid is 6 months, so I know he ain't chewing on them grains at the rate of a Tasmanian devil, but hey, kids grow up so fast never know. IMHO, 5 50 lbs bags is 250 lbs of rice. If I am correct, that is the entire weight of their family. Crazy. I love math. Must be all that rice I am eating. :)

Ok, so I trek on over to Costco to load up on allergy meds yesterday and low and behold, where there usually is a disproportionate amount of rice for all to partake after purchasing, there are a few paltry bags of 50 lbs left...and the sign above? Well it read that due to a looming rice shortage, a person's 'Rice Allowance' purchasable today will be based on their past purchases. Whaaaa? Ok, so since i never bought my weight in rice from Costco, should I even venture? I wasn't feeling lucky, so i left with only allergy meds in hand. And of course a non-fat fro yo from the food court. I have to every time!!!!!! My point is, in the longest way around to it, is that this rice shortage is causing mass panic when it hits my Costcos! And the worst part, will this infringe upon my future love affair with my Neuro Fuzzy? I can't even fathom...

And my lovely people, the reason I am not blogging of the wonders of new neuro in my life is because a day after I got it, I left for Salt Lake City, which is where I am now, for my cousin's wedding. Since I knew I was going to a Chinese family's home, I didn't think Neuro needed to make the trip. Otherwise, you know it'd be my carry on! I think I'm gonna have to decal up my new rice cooker. Maybe outfit it in a 'rice rocket' theme, put MUGEN POWERED across the top, little fire extinguishers on it's sides....Maybe paint it in iridescent purple. Rock out! Decals first, paint job steps people.

Pictures of trip to come. Blackberry down!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neuro Fuzzy!!!!

I thought my birthday was a complete wash...I mean, what did I do besides spend my birthday with 8 of my closest friends, then karaoke the night away with another 10 friends? Absolutely nothing but ring in my new age smiling, riding bare back on a unicorn to the end of the rainbow. Did I mention the box of kittens I was delivering to an open animal farm? See what I mean? Worthless! Forgettable!

And then it happened...the heavens saw my need for it, and delivered upon me my new Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy! It utilizes fuzzy technology. YEAH! Not only is the name the hottest thing to hit my lips since brad pitt's ass, it can cook up many, many different types of rice, from sticky to porridge. Neuro Fuzzy: 1, Brad Pitt: zero!

I love my new little rice cooker. Life is now complete. Excuse me now, I must go dry my eyes. This is true happiness-a new rice cooker. WURD.
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Friday, April 18, 2008


It's my birthday weekend so what does a girl do? Well if she's a sensible person like me, she goes out to get her hair did! Now almost every single time I go get a cut and color or whatever, I hate it for a good 3 weeks. And when I say hate, I mean self loathing. But this guy is icelandic, so I hope his work is euro good. And when I say euro, I mean it's 1.60 for every $1 I spend. Yeah economy! Well pressure is on cause I'm turning 25 again and ready to show this world the meaning of bitter and unloved! ;) but honestly, ill just be spending it with my close friends singing bon jovi and guns N roses all night long. The asian is coming out powerful hard this weekend!
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Set visit

I'm now on the actual set. I am so ready to play! No deal!
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Deal Or No Deal

Today, I am working for TV GUIDE CHANNEL. Did I mention that I'm doing that? Yes, I did and today is my first shoot on location - on the DEAL OR NO DEAL set! Very exciting. This one contestant is super close to winning, and no I'm not wearing mismatching socks today. Actually, I'm not wearing ANY socks today! Ha ha!

Now allow me to talk about this picture. I go into the women's restroom with the simple wish of using it, and low and behold, my eyes are met with this curious sign. Can you read it? 'Please put toilet paper into the toilet. Not on the floor.' Now sure this is the lobby bathroom many of the audience uses while watching the show/waiting to watch the show, but huh? I thought the sign was going to read 'no hand towels' but no toilet paper on the floor? Are we savages who only put toilet paper into the toilet when we're at home? Do audience wranglers go deep into the woods and bring out only feral adults to be a part of the studio audience? Let's ponder....

I have to admit that I was traveling with some producers from MTV when I worked for OVERDRIVE, and I don't remember how we started talking about this, but sometimes while staying in hotels, I prefer kleenex to toilet paper and am wasteful with the towels. Foreign private pad, different antics! The producer, who I adored, admitted that when he stays in hotels, he pees in the sink instead of the toilet. Whaaaaaaa?! I hoped it was only #1. He then proceeded to say he doesn't do it at home, just in hotels. From that point on, I never put anything into my hotel sinks.

So yes, I guess we all go a little savage when we are in unfamiliar bathrooms. Oh how the world has changed...
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TV Guide Channel

today was my first day on my 'try-out' week with TV Guide Channel. Most of you should get it in your homes...I will be a reporter for Hollywood 411, their flagship hour long daily entertainment news show.

I would make this more interesting, but really, it's 1 am and i am exhausted. but today was the day that i decided to do something special. what you ask is making me wake up and take notice? well, today was the day that i was looking for socks and noticed more than 5 cute little dudes missing their colorful animal clad mates. you see, for many years i was not allowed to have a pet, so i decided to put as many animals on my socks as possible, in the most fluorescent colors as possible. fasts forward a few years later, and i have many a miss matched sock, sad as it stays in my drawer because it can't be worn with its match. well i decided today is the day that i say f-you conventions of American society! i will wear my socks mismatched and all! each sock will live out its life as a full, loved, and well worn sock whether its match has pigs, giraffes, cats, dogs, or monkeys. take that Mr. Bush.

i was gonna take a pic and post it, but my phone died. damn my blackberry.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I left Hawaii to come up to brisk Portland to shoot a very fun and funny video for INTEL. I play the 'dream girl' that is a savvy tech scheel chick who helps a down and out sales rep figure out how to rock the world electronics by explaining the benefits of next-gen 45-nanometer technology available in quad-core Intel Core 2 processors. Say that 5 times fast! It is a pretty funny script where my partner in crime, a guy, has to dress up as a fairy, professor, and a bunch of other stuff. The funny part was his lips got so stained by the lipstick he was made to wear, he was rouging up all the shots! Hysterical!

Anyhow, as a young child, my parents spent our first years in the states building a life in Portland, and this is where my brother, Hong, was born. When I mentioned to my mom that I was in the northwest portion of the cityn she asked me if it was by a bridge. Turns out we lived close to the bridge and she crossed that bridge daily to go to work. Although getting to Portland wasn't the easiest of tasks from Hololulu, did I mention the excrutiating travel time of 28 hours?!, being here makes me want to explore my roots. Turns out I can discover a little more with just a 2 hour plane ride!
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