Tuesday, June 20, 2006

eerie and almost ALL true!

has anyone checked out tv.com? Well tonight at 11:30 pm PST, I have! and it has some stuff on me! How do they know so much about me?


it's amazing. sure some things are wrong, like the fact that I am working 'on a pilot called I WANT THAT TECH TOYS,' rather I am hosting the show that will be on HGTV for at least an entire season, and if you all keep watching, maybe three! watch August 2nd and keep me employed! i love it.

Honestly, I never thought anyone would care enough to find out all those details about me, but voila!

Is Anyone in DC August 2nd? that's when my premiere party is....hopefully i will be invited.

tomorrow, i get paid to see 'You, Me and Dupree.' I swear, it is days like that I realize how lucky I am to get to see movies - with free popcorn! - before they are released, and then get to interview the stars about the film. It's pretty fun. and the only pain that i suffer is having to be around self-absorbed, self-important film critics high on their own great douche bagged-ness.

Has anyone seen South Park 'SMUG' episode? Awesome. and kind of what i am saying...

Mark your calendars - AUGUST 2nd!

yes ladies and gentlemen, the premiere date for I WANT THAT TECH TOYS is slated for August 2nd. The time you may be wondering? Well your guess is as good as mine. But you know you'll know just as soon as I do.

and now, my next little gig is to write my own bio for the show. DAMN! Girl can't write something semi-decent without too many segues to the fecal matter we all call 'our world'. And the Britney Spears NBC interview. That sig alert is still in effect. Anyhow, you all feel my pain? i can barely write, let alone write about myself! OK, I am barely literate, but cut the girl some slack! I am crying on the inside because Dan Rather just announced he is leaving CBS - officially. Do you guys ever wonder why people ever announce anything 'officially' anylonger? people are chomping at the bit a nanosecond after the slight whisper of some famous person's move is thought.

and now there are transexual supermodels. it's been a trying day. but I push on. Everyday. EVERY DAY.

Be strong guys. popazao.