Friday, February 23, 2007

Life's a crazy ride

Hello all you fun friends.

So life has been passing by at a really fast pace and before I know it, it's the 4705, Year of the Boar.

Well here's the skinny of what's been happening. My sister/roommate and I have been working hard on learning how to have a dog, my new pooch, Moose. And we have been getting through the holidays with the family. I have to say, being a part of a Chinese family that really doesn't celebrate Christmas is a good one.

So good news...I have since hosted a CES special for HGTV. I have been shooting new episodes of 'I Want That Tech Toys' and been working hard shooting 'The Bog Tease' on Reelz Channel. Good times. I have also shot 'Outdoor Living Expo' which will premiere June 9th - I think...

And now the bad news...HGTV's 'I Want That Tech Toys' has now been cancelled. We will be shooting our last episode in June and that's all. Such a shame. I guess HGTV saw tech stuff as too far of a stretch from their home base, but I have to say, it is nice that they gave it a go.
Now off to find some new stuff.
Don't forget to marvel at how awesomely cute my dog Moose is. I am the most horribly proud dog parent now. I am my own worst enemy.