Monday, June 06, 2005

So it's been a while...

I know it's been a few weeks since I have posted, and there is no excuse except for my overall busy-bodyness of work, a trip to NYC, and my vacation to German (which I am still on, BTW).

Some great insights I would love to share with you all about this beautiful green country...

When entering the boarder, make sure you pack some Claritin.
German men are not shy about brandishing denim capris, or khacki capris, or capris of any material, for that matter. They like to wear them with sneakers - the animals.
The stereotype of older European men in speedos was just proven to me at a local hot springs location, that is if they are wearing anything at all - the animals.
Swiss people have an unexplained fondness for cows and pigs. And they think charging $4.00 is acceptable for melted cheese on a slice of bread. let me repeat, melted cheese on a slice of bread - the animals, for the last time.
Almost all Germans speak english and are super helpful and kind, but they hate Mondays. Everything closes on Monday and on this day, they say 'shut it. we are closed.' Otherwise, they are really nice.
And hangers are almost impossible to purchase anywhere in this country. I swear I tried.

Many European countries including Germany are known for their cutting edge electronics and bleeding edge design concepts. Judging from what I saw in Switzerland and Germany, the consumer electronics market is about the same. I am not sure what i expected to see when entering their version of Best Buy and various cell phone stores, maybe a phone that allows you to edit HD videos you shoot with the handset, while teleporting yourself to the local hofbrauhaus for dinner, I can't really say....what I did see were handsets similar to the market in US. In short, you are not missing much in technology, early adopters. What you are missing are the amazing coffee drinks, to die for desserts, a great country strongly rooted in its past and culture, and an invention called the Doner. It's a Turkish fast food invention like the falafel, but with meat...I hear it is delicious and just had a full-page spread in FHM here. Yes, food gets full-page spreads in FHM in this country. Talk about progressive!