Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am on The View again!!! Thursday July 27th.

If you guys missed my bedroom tech segment on THE VIEW Monday, here is the play-by-play...

I leave the charity event in the high desert abotu 20 minutes late and HGTV was kind enough to get me a driver to take me to the airport. Tehy must know that I am ALWAYS late and a driver barely guarantees timeliness, but works most of the time. So i get into this unassuming black car to be taken to LAX and since we are a touch late, the driver takes off like a bat out of hell. He's driving a towncar, not an ambulance with lights on! But that didn't stop him. And even with a seatbelt on, I felt like my organs were jostling around to remind myself that I am a complete fool. Needless to say, the driver was sweating a lot and crazy because he was LATE to pick me up and then tried to make-up the time while avoiding an accident and getting me to the airport. We made it and I actually made it on the plane! Unscathed for the most part...

I arrived at ABC studios ready to shoot at the buttcrack of dawn (4 AM PST), 7 am EST and went straight to rehearsal. But before I got to the studio, ABC was kind enough to send me a car to take me to the studio, and since I got the call to come down at 7, I got downstairs 5 minutes later, and the dispatcher calls over on the walkie-talkie and tells the driver to scold me and say 'the call for the ride was at 7! not 7:05!'. Way to start a morning!

I got on set, did my rehearsal and wore cute shorts to the set. Standing there with about 30 people screaming at each other, wondering what the hell was going on was nerve wrecking. Not only do they like to keep the temperture of the studio at 50 degrees, but there are a whole bunch of people and most likely, they were all union. That means, one guy can only talk ot this person to give orders, then that person calls another person who talks to another guy. there is no cutting out the middle man here, the whole show is run by middle men and I became one of them for a whopping 10 minutes!

Then out of nowhere it was time. It was time to do my segment. I walked out back into the ice chest of a studio, met Elisabeth Hasselback and Kelli Pickler and boom! We were live! Now I don't know how it happened, but I talked about these items: The snore stopper (watch-like product that sends safe electronic pulses to make you move and stop snoring), the popular Bright Light Feet slippers (slippers with flashlights at the tip), Waxless Sensor candles (LED candles), Double-Up for Beds Sheets, Outdoor canopy bed, and the Seura Mirror TV. And before I know it, 7 minutes had passed and I had finished my segment on the show.

It went well. the Producer came to find me afterwards and told me I did a great job. Then she told me there was another tech expert they brought onto the show who used to always shake like jello when he was on the show (she wouldn't divulge his name to me :( ) and she told him he did a GREAT job. And then she said, but you did a really great job. At this point I don't know how to take this compliment...

But since I am getting invited back to be on the show again this Thursday, the 27th, well, I guess I did all right!

Watch me again on The View Thursday July 27th on ABC mornings.