Saturday, July 09, 2005

Orange pants are my foil

Damn those orange pants and their need to be dry cleaned. And damn the dry cleaners for putting black stains in them to see if I am 'alert' when I pick them up!

Now for a little waterproof snapshot advice.
And we'll begin with a little story. Chinese people in th 1970s and 1980s (being Chinese, I can make this generalization) for some unforseen and illogical reasoning did not see a need for their kids to learn how to swim. Being a girl brought up in So. Cal less than an hour from an ocean that can suck life from this desert land faster than one can blink an eye, my parents still saw no need in edu-ma-katin their 3 children in the lifesaving skill of aquatics.

This inability to swim in water never affected my life for years. I maneuvered myself through land with great stealth and agility, and then it came. My vacation to Mexico....and for that I decided, God be damned! I need me some pictures of me snorkeling. And that's when I said hello to the YMCA swimming pool. Long story short, although I think it a little late for that now, I learned to swim in a pool that made me stink of chlorine for 3 days after each class, with extra floating bandaids, skin, and babies in diapers. It was an experience.

Waterproof cameras are indespensible whether snorkeling or playing in the pool. So many underwater memories have gone undocumented due to the catastrophic consequences of splashing delicate camera-obscura mechanics with a little water, until now. With the Pentax Optio WP, you can take this sleek looking camera with you to the beach, boat trip, or just to plain ol' Disneyland. This camera is the only thing that is completely waterproof. And when 7 year-old cousin Danny 'accidentally' pee-pees on the camera, you can still use it, if you really want to after that. With 5 megapixels, good apeture range, and light-weight body, the camera is a good pick for the vacationer looking for a versatile camera. Or you can just get a disposable underwater camera for all that crazy shooting, but that don't give you the zoom to catch sea monkeys in their natural habitat. And that would be a shame.