Wednesday, July 30, 2008

American Alligator

He's totally thinking 'b!tch, you're lucky there's 4 inches of glass between us.'
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Sure they're fat, with almost half their 1000 lb body weight being pure fat, but they are incredible to behold. Nico. The guy pictured, came from Mexico City. He's a total ham with the people and pictures. And those ripples of muscles below his skin aren't muscles at all, just fat keeping them warm. They are magnificantly white and remind me of Moose, small head, solid body. Damn, I gotta switch his food to low-fat!

Pacific Sea Nettle

This is one of my favorite things to see in an aquarium. They epitomize grace, beauty, and remind me of the speed in which we should all live-slow.
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Delicious in Hotlanta

After I finished up Comic-Con, I hopped on a train and headed back to LA where I got to spend 1.5 delightful days with my thug dogs. After much belly rubbing, I hopped on a plane for a screen test in Hotlanta. The first thing I said when I got off the plane at 7:30 pm, 'gawd it is humid!' The temp read 72, but with humidity hitting 3 digits, it felt more like hell. West coast people aren't used to this kind of weather, and although I've been privy to heat, I always try and block out why this place is called Hotlanta!

Now to explain the not so great food pic. You all know I am a lady of class and manners...haha! Sorry, I can't even finish that line. Anyhow, I would usually never put up a pic of food I have eaten as it looks gross, but this lunch consisting of a veggie melt and tater tots was BOMB!!!! I had to share! Now being a vegetarian for about 10 years, I've all walks of pitiful attempts at nmaking veggie food flavorful, but nothing I have had in recent memory has been this artery cloggingly delicious! This melt, which is served in a bar/restaurant called The Vortex in midtown, said came with fries or tater tots. Stop, u have me at tater tots. Who doesn't love food named after small, youthful human beings? So I decide on the melt thinking it'll come with a patty and grilled veggies. Oh how I was wrong, the magic is only beginning. With somemelted cheese, peppers, mushroom, onions and butter soaked then toasted rye bread, I felt like god had reached down and blessed tghe skillet with his spit, it was so good! I mean yes, m arteries aren't happy I took this tiny trip down kill myself with food lane, but I've gotta live, especially in a place known to make people want to punch their own faces in so they could stay in an air conditioned place like a hospital.

With my test done, which btw went swimmingly, I am now at the aquarium. I known I'm such a tourist! Anyhow, supposedly it is the largest aquarium in the US if not world. Well gargantuan is what I want, I'm american afterall. Bring on the fishes. I do wonder, being a west coaster and a feequent visitor to monterey bay aquairium, how will it compare? And why charge adults $27 per visit? It is as if I am empliyed or something, making dozens of dollars a year. Listen, can someone tell the aquarium that there is a recession, unemployment is high, and gas is record breaking? Can we negotiate a $20 fee? I should stop blogginh and go to the aquairium, as every minute counts when u have 2 hours and are paying $27. I wonder why people call me cheap. ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Davey Jones

He looked good at Comic-Con, and considering the heat and the weight of his 'calamari', he disnt smell that nice... :(

Reelz Channel

Hey everyone, it has been a busy couple weeks, with auditions, meetings, and not having my contract renewed by Reelz. :( that means I will no longer be hosting 'The Big Tease' so please do not tune in to me on that channel.

The run was fun but Reelz has some financial difficulty and did a large round of layoffs, and with my contract coming up for renewal, they decided not to have me come back.

Oh well, so is the business. But no worries, I already have many things brewing and will let you know of them as soon as I do!

This is a very exciting time in my life where I have time to persue other interests and can open myself up to other networks, and yes, I am already in talks!

I am now headed to Comic-Con in San Diego! I am extremely excited, and decided to take the surfliner train down. All would be fine, except the train ended up being 55 min late, and the conductors have just gotten on the PA system saying they're sorry but we're gonna have to unload and then reload before we can get to San Diego. This is so funny! If something can go wrong, you can bet your dollar it will! :)

Oh and I am currently obsessed with Mad Men on AMC. Right now it is holding me over until DEXTER season 2 arrives on DVD. Hurry up! It is embarrassing how much I love TV. :) more from Comic-Con if I get down there....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My weekend

Of pure debauchery...I have spent two nights in a row out in west hollywood. That's LA's gay and going out area. It is my good friend Manuel's birthday and we had to celebrate like gay men do, cause he's gay. And yes, on the weekends, the bridge and tunnel crowd descend like bees to a honey pot on weho. I went to the abbey, a very popular bar, twice and a gay dance club called Rage-it was asian boy night. I had to go! It has been a while since I saw young sweaty muscles gyrating to drum and bass. Not only do they gyrate, there was this one cheeky go-go dancer that pulled his only piece of 'dance wardrobe' down half past his butt crack, leaned on to a rail, looked back I guess he thought seductively, and started thrusting the ass up. Hmmm...guess this dancer took the 'face down, ass up' literally. Plus if you like his dancing, you give him a dollar. Yes, I patronize wonderful and reputable establishments. And since I did that, I am now good. Yes, they all stuff.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Is sooo happy sleeping right now. I can always tell when his tongue is slightly sticking out. He's a stud.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Dirty old man or taudry young woman?

I'd probably vote for the latter, as that is X-Files creator Chris Carter. That's right! Somehow Fox didn't listen to the rumors, took my number off the bathroom wall, and hired me to do some international generic press for the new X-Files: I Want To Believe.

And believe it folks, I was a huge fan, had framed memorabelia, autographed photos, and...wait for it... went to the X-Files convention.

Once you've stopped laughing your arse off, you have to admit that was a pretty great show, and gave me a reason to stay in on friday nights.

So Chris Carter, who you can't tell right away, but is wearing a long beaded 'surfer/hippie chain' under his shirt, is pretty badass. And yes, I found out about the chain's location the Hollywood way. Wha? Wha? What does that mean? Hmmm...looks like another case for the dynamic duo, Mulder and Scully, or as the tabloids would affectionately call them, Sculder or Muldly.
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie

Ok so this post is a little late, but better now than never! My sister Ying and I went to see Death Cab For Cutie at the Nokia Theater Live LA last week. And lemme just say, they were EXCITING! I mean, they don't rock like Brett Michaels, nor are they looking for love on VH1. However, Death Cab's lead singer, Ben Gibbard, with his soft, approachable, guy next door voice, somehow reaches an ethereal realm that no neighbor could without having made a pact with the devil.

Sure their sounds are sometimes better being heard through my headphones while lying in my oh-so-comfortable bed and bamboo sheets (yes and they are soft!), the performance was quite enjoyable. And since the acoustics of Nokia Theater Live in LA have been said to be the best in teh city, i couldn't imagine a better venue to have Death Cab calmly quiet my bloodthurst to kill crazy LA drivers. this concert was obviously a service to the city of Los Angeles. And they probably didn't even know they were doing this, Death Cab probably just thought they were playing a show. Oh those modest boys!

More stuff to come when it's not 2:30 am.

much love and have a great 4th!