Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let sleeping dogs lie

Here are my two incredibly rambuncious dogs. Wow. Look at them go. The energy is unmeasurable, they're just bouncing off the walls. Craziness.

Seriously, the only reason Moose and Stella are within two inches of one another is because I put Stella close to him, otherwise, they would separate themselves with me in between. And honestly, that is not a good position because these dogs have been gassing me all night long. I mean, come on! The fumes were so strong, they burned my throat. Can a brother and sister light a candle or leave the room? Jesus!


You'd think Stella would need adjustment time, but nope. She's looking pretty content using my leg as her pillow. Yes, those are my skeleton pajama pants. How dare you?! They're oldies. And I think I smell skunk! Crap...