Friday, July 25, 2008

Davey Jones

He looked good at Comic-Con, and considering the heat and the weight of his 'calamari', he disnt smell that nice... :(

Reelz Channel

Hey everyone, it has been a busy couple weeks, with auditions, meetings, and not having my contract renewed by Reelz. :( that means I will no longer be hosting 'The Big Tease' so please do not tune in to me on that channel.

The run was fun but Reelz has some financial difficulty and did a large round of layoffs, and with my contract coming up for renewal, they decided not to have me come back.

Oh well, so is the business. But no worries, I already have many things brewing and will let you know of them as soon as I do!

This is a very exciting time in my life where I have time to persue other interests and can open myself up to other networks, and yes, I am already in talks!

I am now headed to Comic-Con in San Diego! I am extremely excited, and decided to take the surfliner train down. All would be fine, except the train ended up being 55 min late, and the conductors have just gotten on the PA system saying they're sorry but we're gonna have to unload and then reload before we can get to San Diego. This is so funny! If something can go wrong, you can bet your dollar it will! :)

Oh and I am currently obsessed with Mad Men on AMC. Right now it is holding me over until DEXTER season 2 arrives on DVD. Hurry up! It is embarrassing how much I love TV. :) more from Comic-Con if I get down there....