Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm back

Hello everyone! Yes, after months MIA, and by MIA, I mean twiddling my thumbs wondering when I should get back into blogging, and traveling, getting a new dog, working, and eating, I am back in semi-full effect!

I am very happy to report a couple wonderful changes to my life. First off, I have been hired by HGTV to front a couple specials. So on top of my wonderful weekly show 'I Want That Tech Toys', I will rock the 'Outdoor Living Special', 'Behind the Scenes of the Rose Parade', AND the 'Rose Parade Special'. Duuuuuuuddddddddeeeeeeeee. Life is aight. Plus, if you all get a chance, please check out my other show, 'The Big Tease' on Reelz Channel. It is such a funny and entertaining show. And by funny and entertaining, I mean you don't even need to be hopped up on lovely lady H to like it! How-bout-it.

Also, because I am unemotionally tethered to anything sensible on terra firma, I have decided to jump on the crazy pet-owning bandwagon and adopted myself a little dog. This white and brown chihuahua mix looks like he has a bit of Jack Russell Terrier in him. So we decided to name this little villain Moose. And boy, does he push other dogs and neighbors around....Damn! Now I have to admit that I have really good friends that warned me that having a dog is much like having a child. And your entire life changes. But I thought, it will change for the better. I never expected to get a little terror of a dog that is responsible for making me sooo excited about going home, proud to take this cutie out for walks, and not even mind doing the unthinkable picking up animal feces. I'd even go as far as calling it 'just something I do.'

Because our little shelter dog is soooo skiddish with sounds, barky around men and strangers, and biting around my dad, we decided to call the animal behaviorist at the shelter where we got the little guy. It turns out our little Moose might have been abused at his old home. Horrible! How can someone harm this little puppy that weights a whopping 10 lbs when soaking wet?! Sure he's an old man at the elder age of 4 years, but his eyes just look at you and you have to melt - until he starts licking his lipstick. Then you just turn around and walk away. So we have decided to try and work with him through his emotional issues and give him the most loving home we can provide. And being Chinese, the one way we show love is with lots of food. And when I say lots of food, what I am saying is that our dog is chubby. Now I did adopt him with a thick middle, but many 'observers' are noticing that his middle is getting bigger or his head is getting smaller. They're just haters.

Lemme tell you something about little Moose. He's smart, loving, and one of the cutest dogs I have ever laid my eyes on. Although it is a lot more work than I ever expected, I have to say he is worth every chubby moment full of love.

*with a gangsta accent* Chubby Brain living la vida loca with Chubby Moose. Holler!