Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just figured out his name is Ne-Yo.
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Neo, the singer, not Keanu Reeves

So it has been more thanm 3 weeks since my last post. Cut me some slack, I just moved to Atlanta 3 weeks ago to host 'Designed To Sell' on HGTV Twhich btw won't air til 2010, I don't even know what to say). But anyhow, I'm employed and living in the south, the dirty south, but luckily I got a filthy mouth so I fit in fine. So what have I been up to? Besides the frustration of traffic, it seems that every ATL person takes a left on every street during rush hour to piss the rest of us off, and the cops think it is fine, I haven't done much but try and create a little home. And go to a party, my first outing in the city, since I moved here and ended up seeing Neo! Not that I wouldn't watch Wayne Newton if he were singing for free at a party I just happened to turn up at, but still...this guy was pretty good! And yes, he is wearing a fedora. He sang his hits, 'lovesong' and some other one (yeah I'm a fan) and some songs where he only sang two verses. I felt cheated...the bastard.

Atlanta is a different town folks, smaller town feel and I feel like I can get away with more here, like never wearing anything but 2 shirts and jeans during an entire week. And I'm tempted to buy a fedora. Gawd this town is weird. :)
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