Thursday, August 17, 2006

The View again!

Hey everyone, sorry for the late notice, but sooo much has happened in the last week. But please let me start of by saying that I will be on THE VIEW again tomorrow, Friday, August 18th talking about Dorm room gadgets. Well, let's just say they are not all gadgets with one item being a three-compartment hamper, but lemme just say I wouldn't send it away if showed up at my door. Plus I hear Joy, one of the hosts, claimed that bad boy before it made its nationwide appearance. Free stuff brings out the vulture in us all. Mama be proud!

Currently I am back in my second home, the bay area, working with MobiTV on their new project, MobiFest. It is a free to the public music monster that is showcasing some of the hottest bay area talents around. They have indie rockers, hip hop artists, and one of the hottest ballad bands around. I know what you're thinking, ballad like Skid Row and Guns N Roses ballad? No, I can only hope for the reintroduction to the days of hair. They are indie rockers who make really good make-out music. But no baby-making there. I don't hear any Luther influences. But I'll keep you posted.

Plus I saw a sneak preview of Idlewild, starring OutKast. Now you all know that I have interviewed some heavy-hitting A-listers in the past year, but I SWEAR I have never been as nervous teen trying to apply the right lip chap to ask the hunk to the Sadie's Hawkins Dance as I was in front of these two music makers. Soooo hot! Plus all the journalists and people around were saying that Big Boi and Andre 3000 were not really into the interviews or giving much, but once I rolled in, being one of their biggest fans, well those boys were so nice, funny, and generous. OMG, not only that, but one of the junket gifts (I know, my life is hard. not only do I meet these really great people after seeing their projects, I get little t-shirts and presents!) was a flask with 'Idlewild' on it. Well, Big Boi signed that for me. And he is a little dude. But just a big personality, hence the name. The big highlight of the day was meeting my future baby daddy, Andre 3000. He is soooo hot, in an understated cool. It kills me!

So do I recommend the movie? Well let's just say it is visually stunning. This isn't your average musical where people break into song at the bite of a hot dog, the songs are there to describe events, and since the songs are OutKast, it ain't a bad score. Plus the director, Bryan Barber, of many music videos' fame really brought a musical hard-hitting lyricism to the celluloid with amazing dance sequences and lots of excitement. Even he admits that directing the larger productions was easier than doing the movie's quieter moments, and he really went all out with the scenes in this one. Though the story is not something to write home about, the movie, with its graphics, dance and music are worth a theater visit if you're looking for a good time, music video after music video.

Peace out!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last three weeks

All right. I should really be packing now, but instead I thought I should post something for you all to know what's been happening in my life for the past 3 weeks. And to answer some of the posters reponding to my last post, I left my Etymotics at home and ear plugs just didn't do it.

So the past three weeks have included 1 24-28 hour trip cross country per week. This is on top of working freelance in LA and considering moving back up to the bay area. I have shot two The View segments, the second one set to air Aug. 18th, and made it to the premiere shindig of Tech Toys in Washington, DC. The party, btw, was a lot of fun. And I met the people behind the show. Plus I have discovered that the people producing 'I Want That Tech Toys' and 'I Want That' work in the same office. Like right next to one another. And the prankster I am, I will make it my personal mission to start a little fun office war between the two shows. Hey, I don't work in the office, and with all these tech toys, I think my boys will have the upper hand!

On top of all this, my good buddy was just diagnosed with cancer behind his nose and began chemotherapy Thursday. And I couldn't be there for his first treatment because my plane was late from my last trip. And I won't be there for the 2nd because I will be shooting Tech Toys then. But I call a lot and he is doing all right, tired, but all right.

Now I must pack to go up to SF for a night and do some work.

Check out MobiTV when you get a chance. It is a REALLY cool service.

thanks to all who watched the show's premiere Wednesday and know that the shows get better and the tech toys get more crazy and fun. Keep watching every Wednesday night at 9!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

my blog's been blank all day

and I am wondering what the?!

so I just flew back from Washington DC today and lemme tell you, the 6 hour cross country flight wasn't so bad and would have been received better by your's truly if, and only if, a family of 5 weren't sitting directly in front of me. And by directly in front of me, I mean the little 4 year old girl yammers on and on and on for hours on end with no parental calming, cooing, or shutting up of the little pie hole. Now please don't get me wrong, I love children and someday may have a child of my own, but know this and know this now, I pledge to society that I will instill the fear of God in my child that if he or she speaks out of turn and acts up in a small space like, say a plane, where upwards of 200 adults who are all trying to sleep and who are all in earshot of her jabbering, we will have more than just 'words' together. Damn hippie parents respecting the soul of this child, yada yada yada. What about respecting my need to sleep and drool on the borrowed plane pillow? How's about that ma and pa?! Your daughter is 4, her life hasn't been long and experienced enough to let her tell her life story over 6 hours! Kids are cute, but camman!

I think this is why I am not allowed in animal shelters. Just a guess.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bedroom gadgets

So I am sure you all know my show starts tomorrow!!!! And now I am the proud owner of a host bio on HGTV.

Now my friends, if you weren't able to catch my 1st appearance on THE VIEW, these are the products that I was introduced to Monday morning, and delivered a segment on Monday noontime. yes, it was that fast and exciting.

So let's just get it out there. We all have tech in our bedrooms and I don't mean you good ol' rabbit (call me). This is network TV, so I will be showing you network TV safe tech. And since I didn't get the chance to choose the gadgets, well, I get to punch a couple of these products in their ovaries or testes. They make good punching bags.

Now for the first product I talked about called The Snore Stopper ($60). This thing was wicked weird. But I guess if you snore like a horse this could be majorly helpful to your mate. You strap this weird little box onto your wrist using this wristband, and it's a little weird because on the back of the box, there are these little gel pads that are supposed to sit flat on your wrist. Now why would you need little gel pads? Because this bad boy sends electric shocks to your body to punish you for working for the devil. We all know snorers are devil spawn. And that's my story, I'm sticking to it. The device does send pulses to the body, like a nudge to get you to shift your sleeping position and hopefully stop snoring. Does it work? Well I felt the little shocks on my wrist and it was kinda funny and creepy all at the same time. I had that same feeling when watching Children of The Corn. OMG! Children of the Corn made this device to send their spirits into our bodies! Yes! I see it now.

Another 'tech' product The View was hot and bothered about were Bright Feet Slippers ($40). In a nutshell, they are nightlights for your feet. Since there are little LED lights at the tip of the show that light up when you walk in them, they are really good for the latenight visit to the bathroom or kitchen. And with a light sensor at the side of the slipper, the light knows not to turn on during daylight. It's a smart slipper. Crazy! And for $40, well this slipper better have the IQ of a MENSA member. The ladies in the audience LOVED this slipper. For me, I'd rather spend $40 on iTunes downloads.

Next up: Double Up For Beds ($180). NO.

And if you're an extravagant outdoor partier who hangs with the hollywood or hamptons homeboys, well a party wouldn't be complete without this Outdoor Canopy Bed ($7280) that costs around as much as the GDP of many 3rd world countries.

And this last product, the Seura TV Mirror costs more than a salary I have ever made (go TV career!) (starts at $10,000) but is a neat little device. Now we all have TVs in our bedrooms, but who likes looking at a black box in the bedroom? Not I! So why not put a Sharp LCD into your mirror so when you aren't watching TV, the mirror is a mirror? And when you want to watch TV, well you get a pretty crisp TV image. However, one problem I noticed besides the hideous mirror frame, is the reaction time to turn this puppy on. I haven't ever experienced lagtime this long on a TV monitor before and do not know if it is related to SEURA's products, but considering you're paying that much money, well, a TV should turn on when you want it to...But don't worry about the frame problem i mentioned earlier, they have other choices and screens from 15"-42", so you guys are all set to purchase. Now go, consume!

And on August 18th, my next THE VIEW appearance will air. It has been pushed to coincide more with Back-to-school as I discuss Dorm Room Gadgets.

And don't forget to watch I WANT THAT! TECH TOYS premiering tomorrow night on HGTV!

PS. Chappelle Show is no good without Chappelle.