Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last three weeks

All right. I should really be packing now, but instead I thought I should post something for you all to know what's been happening in my life for the past 3 weeks. And to answer some of the posters reponding to my last post, I left my Etymotics at home and ear plugs just didn't do it.

So the past three weeks have included 1 24-28 hour trip cross country per week. This is on top of working freelance in LA and considering moving back up to the bay area. I have shot two The View segments, the second one set to air Aug. 18th, and made it to the premiere shindig of Tech Toys in Washington, DC. The party, btw, was a lot of fun. And I met the people behind the show. Plus I have discovered that the people producing 'I Want That Tech Toys' and 'I Want That' work in the same office. Like right next to one another. And the prankster I am, I will make it my personal mission to start a little fun office war between the two shows. Hey, I don't work in the office, and with all these tech toys, I think my boys will have the upper hand!

On top of all this, my good buddy was just diagnosed with cancer behind his nose and began chemotherapy Thursday. And I couldn't be there for his first treatment because my plane was late from my last trip. And I won't be there for the 2nd because I will be shooting Tech Toys then. But I call a lot and he is doing all right, tired, but all right.

Now I must pack to go up to SF for a night and do some work.

Check out MobiTV when you get a chance. It is a REALLY cool service.

thanks to all who watched the show's premiere Wednesday and know that the shows get better and the tech toys get more crazy and fun. Keep watching every Wednesday night at 9!


Brent said...

Damn I don't mean to be the first poster again... but I'm checking my email before I start my day. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure you can spend time with them when you get back.

You seem to be burning the candle at both ends now. That is good.

You can call me Brent, Chi-Lan... if you are uncomfortable... then "Poster 1" will do.. ha ha... cough

I mean since those of us who post here are your loyal fans...

DavidRC46 said...

I watched the show again last Wednesday and was glad to see that you were on camera more.
Do you write your own material? Your commentary was humorous and informative and seemed to have the same style you use in this blog.
You have come into your own. I am sure bigger things are in store for you.