Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie

Ok so this post is a little late, but better now than never! My sister Ying and I went to see Death Cab For Cutie at the Nokia Theater Live LA last week. And lemme just say, they were EXCITING! I mean, they don't rock like Brett Michaels, nor are they looking for love on VH1. However, Death Cab's lead singer, Ben Gibbard, with his soft, approachable, guy next door voice, somehow reaches an ethereal realm that no neighbor could without having made a pact with the devil.

Sure their sounds are sometimes better being heard through my headphones while lying in my oh-so-comfortable bed and bamboo sheets (yes and they are soft!), the performance was quite enjoyable. And since the acoustics of Nokia Theater Live in LA have been said to be the best in teh city, i couldn't imagine a better venue to have Death Cab calmly quiet my bloodthurst to kill crazy LA drivers. this concert was obviously a service to the city of Los Angeles. And they probably didn't even know they were doing this, Death Cab probably just thought they were playing a show. Oh those modest boys!

More stuff to come when it's not 2:30 am.

much love and have a great 4th!