Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Solid! Roomba welcome home!

I just did myself the biggest solid this Memorial Day weekend. I am not talking about all out drinking myself into a blind stupor while on a boat out in nowhere California. Oh no. I'm not even talking about learning how to make some kick-ass seared ahi tuna while a funnel of sangria makes a beeline into my stomach (it's amazing that all that fruit just gave up on the trip through the esophagus. Nope. I am talking about the best gift I have ever given myself, My Roomba Discovery!!!! The applause is deafening.

The Roomba Discovery is the white robotic vaccuum that uses algarithyms, AI, the AWARE system, the hair of a rat with the toe of a frog and the eyelash from your childhood enemy to sweep your entire room clean. Or in my case, my little abode. All 4 rooms of it.

And does this robot thing really work? Well besides the fact that I had 5 other girls in my house when I first brought baby home, and its appearance incited much excitement, the ladies couldn't keep their eyes off this little looker. Sure we charged this bad boy for a good 16 hours prior to itits first use, it was worth it to see the little dude beep as he backed-up from home base and started to go. Hey Roomba, you're looking so fine, why don't you back that ass up - and gimme that 18-wheeler truck warning beep. Cute!

Now after I let it run and do its thing, this little dude sucks up all the loose hair (it's shocking how much hair a girl loses in 2 days, and still doesn't appear to be balding - I must have the same hairdresser as Jon Bon Jovi. Lord knows he's been going skin since the 80s). I have to say, when it has finished its cycle, going under the chairs, sofa, tables, etc. which is more than I ever swept, mind you, it returns to homebase and charges. Save for the fact that the Rooba's sensitive 'tap head' that allows it to feel furniture and maneuver around it is more of a body slam that makes you jump at first, it's a good little dude if you ask me.

Now I do not have the Scheduler, the one that you can set a little alarm on him so he runs without you having to tell him to clean, but come on. My laziness has gotten me to invest in a robot to sweep for me. The least I can do is reach all the way to the floor and press the button 'clean' to start the badboy going. If i can't at least do that, well the terrorists have won.

And as much as the Roomba is able to fight a good fight against the evil crumbs and hairs of the world, it doesn't do corners, get super close to walls, into crevices or get that stuck-on crap on the floor well. But hey, if it keeps me from making everyone tie up their hair, wear hairnets, and biohazard outfits to keep their dirt to themselves while in my house, well hasn't this little thing already paid for itself?

I have run the Roomba in a total of 4 rooms, one mid-sized livingroom, 2 bedrooms (one with a closet hallway type thing), and a small office all on one charge. The littel guy started whimpering after all that work, with a little red light appearing in the power button, but it was still going. And I didn't run it straight for a certain amount of time, but I'd say this little guy ran for around 4 hours. And that's with waxing on, waxing off many times to make him clean all areas well. Keep practicing Ralph. One day, you'll be Karate Kid. Or the Scooba, and start mopping my floors bitch!

The iRobot Roomba Discovery is available for around $250-280. I got mine at Home Depot for $200 (crazy clearance!).