Wednesday, January 14, 2009


All right, so i hauled my little So. Cal loving butt to Hotlanta to do some work on HGTV's show, DESIGNED TO SELL. Well after filming 11 episodes, we were told the show, whose other cities have been cancelled, will not be renewed. And my episodes will air July 2010. I know, this isn't great news. But do not fret! I was on the Rose Parade for HGTV and will find another series soon! Plus you know me, I'll pop up somewhere somehow...

Speaking of...I went to CES to cover the show for SPIKE.COM. The videos are being cut and I will VO them soon. I will let you know. What did I see that was noteworthy at this show? Lemme just say, not really much! Holy crap! Look, this show hasn't really wowed any reporter for some time. It wasn't like someone came out with a fax machine that uses sheets of paper instead of a roll! Or we saw the first integration of the camera into the phone. I did see two things that were cool.

And this makes CES worth attending....only at a show like this do you get to see prototypes like this: Panasonic's Ultra-thin technology that allows them to cram a gorgeous 50-inch plasma into a 1/3-inch profile TV. Now remember, this is a prototype. I saw bubbling at the top of the screen, it was so early.

Another cool thing? I saw a completely waterproof MP3 player from Freestlye Audio, and earbuds. It isn't water resistant; you can actually go snorkeling with this thing and listen to a soundtrack as gorgeous sea life swims by you. I like that. It isn't the first one out, but since most out there don't work, this could be the first working waterproof MP3. I saw this thing sitting in a vase full of water for a good 30 minutes. I asked if it could last longer than that and was told yes. It peaks my curiosity.

Okay, and since my show for HGTV isn't being renewed, I was thinking of driving across country back home. I am thinking hard...most people are saying don't do it.