Sunday, June 08, 2008

Portland Thai food

And now I am sitting on the patio outside a delightful little thai restaurant in Portland. I'm having Tom Yum with tofu and it is surprisingly delicious! Tara-thai in Northwest Portland, I think....I'll reminisce about this city in another post. For now, I chow. :)

And yes...

I play the penny slots. And when I need it to 'hit big' I scream, unleash the mighty copper storm onto my wallet. I am a wordsmith, I know. As wisconsin and Montana natives look on 'at that crazy Chinese girl!'


This is what a winner looks like!

The start...

This is the start of my small winning streak at Planet Hollywood. If I may just admit, I was screaming 'unleash the copper furry into my wallet' as I spun the wheel of fortune 'spin' wheel. I LOVE that game!!!!! That and craps. I am asian through and through.
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