Friday, December 08, 2006

James Kim

I am sure you all have heard the heartbreaking story of James Kim and his courageous family's struggle to survive in the wwilderness.

Luckily Kati, Penelope and Sabine were found safe and healthy, but sadly James was found a few days later, his body found less than a mile from where his family was rescued.

The thing is, this story was really hard for me to hear because I knew James well at TechTV and we still kept in touch after I moved to LA and he went on to CNET. James was one of those crazy smart guys whose knowledge you always envied. And as much as he knew, he always wanted to share, and was never condescending to those not as tech savvy as he. That was appreciated by many at TechTV.

He was also so cool you just basked in his greatness. But my favorite thing about him was his unflappable dedication to his wife and children. This was the ultimate father who loved his children more than anything else in the entire world. He lived for them and the pride he felt when he spoke their names or sent me pics of the girls was omnipresent.

There were tears in my eyes when I heard of James' untimely demise. It still breaks my heart, but makes me take account of my life and realize how truly lucky I am to have healthy and happy family and friends that surround me. That's all that really counts.