Thursday, February 07, 2008


Hello all! Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the rat, 4706.

Do you all know what kind of frenzy i have been whipping myself into to prepare myself and my home for the new year? Well for you Chinese New Year novices out there, please allow me to tell you that to usher in the new year, it's a really good idea to clean your house from floor to ceiling. You want to make sure that you sweep and throw out all of the old year, including all the bad luck that may have settled, and your home is ready for all the good luck to come in and rest in your home for the entire year! I love it!

So what do I do? Well I have bveen redoing my closets for the last eon, and finally started tackling all the little household projects I have wanted to do, like redoing the AC unit, measuring out a fridge, cleaning out the office, bedroom, hanging pictures, re-orienting my living room, and anything else I can do to make my life that much more difficult. And it did! Can I just tell you that in the last few days of going crazy in my house for the last 4 days have sucked out all my funny and energy to the point that I will set my alarm for, oh say, 9 am so i can get my car washed, get to the gym, run errands and see family, my body will look at me like Arnold looked at Willis and just say 'Whachu talking about Willis?!' Then slap my face down and pin me in bed. My I open up a mean can of whoop-ass on myself. And that is why I have somehow gone crazy and broken down my day by the 15 minute mark. Yeah. I'm frustrated, angry, and doing waaayyy too much furniture moving in a short time span. I feel like I'm hopped up on the juice. Is this how the Giants won? And can I just say I called that mutha! ugh! That's right!

May the year of the rat bring much prosperity, happiness and success to you all.