Thursday, April 03, 2008


I left Hawaii to come up to brisk Portland to shoot a very fun and funny video for INTEL. I play the 'dream girl' that is a savvy tech scheel chick who helps a down and out sales rep figure out how to rock the world electronics by explaining the benefits of next-gen 45-nanometer technology available in quad-core Intel Core 2 processors. Say that 5 times fast! It is a pretty funny script where my partner in crime, a guy, has to dress up as a fairy, professor, and a bunch of other stuff. The funny part was his lips got so stained by the lipstick he was made to wear, he was rouging up all the shots! Hysterical!

Anyhow, as a young child, my parents spent our first years in the states building a life in Portland, and this is where my brother, Hong, was born. When I mentioned to my mom that I was in the northwest portion of the cityn she asked me if it was by a bridge. Turns out we lived close to the bridge and she crossed that bridge daily to go to work. Although getting to Portland wasn't the easiest of tasks from Hololulu, did I mention the excrutiating travel time of 28 hours?!, being here makes me want to explore my roots. Turns out I can discover a little more with just a 2 hour plane ride!
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