Monday, April 24, 2006

I can't wait!

Guys, my first article is supposed to come out in the June issue of STUFF magazine, and gaddamnit! I only received the May issue today! Aren't magazines supposed to come out 6 weeks in advance or some crap? See, I have never worked for a magazine before STUFF, so I don't know much about it.

Well at least you know it'll come soon. Anyhow, I am now writing about ultra-stylish laptops for the august issue. And it is all about the superstylish with a lot of pizzaz. Hot like a venerial disease.

Ok, now i have to put up some shelves...excuse me. I'll be back dawgs.

Woot. Woot.

PS. I will get the title of my NEW HGTV show this week! More details to come!