Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And now....

Hi everybody! Thanks for being soooo supportive and loyal! I will give you guys more tune-in info on my new venture hosting ’24-7 Gadget’ as soon as I get it. All I know at this point is that it will air on a cable channel called 24-7 Gamer. It is the holiday edition, and hopefully will continue into the season. I am unsure of their distribution…But you can also catch 24-7 Gadget on VOD on the east coast with Cable Vision. And it will be packaged into some programming for airplanes, the specific airline to be disclosed. With all of these unknowns, don’t you all feel like I am some secret CIA agent whose name hasn’t been leaked by a dude named ‘Scooter’? Crazy crap!

As for the books, some of you are interested and even know what show I used them on…awesome! Ok so I read your comments and some people asked for them before others, yada yada. E-mail me your info and I will get them out to you. I set up this account just for this purpose. askchilan AT Send me a fun fact or anecdote about yourself and if I like it, I'll send you a book. Don't stress. This isn't an exam for AP English. But I will judge you silently from my computer. Know this.

It’s raining and I keep slipping on the sidewalk. It never rains in LA! ugh!