Saturday, April 23, 2005

TomTom GO 700

Before I write a little bit about this cool GPS system, can I just say that I'd rather have my eyes gouged out and lemon juice squirted into them than watch another commercial starring Jessica Simpson's stupidity with Ashlee quick on her curtails. It's weird to think that a preacher (the Simpson dad) would actually say 'Jessica's hot in a T-shirt. She's got DD, how can she not be?'.

sorry, I just saw that Buffalo Chicken Pizza commercial and had to say, what the f*&k?

Now about this GPS from TomTom. Now this little GPS is really neat. It has a couple features which make it more likable than a puppy resting it's head on your lap. Now being a bluetooth enabled device, the TomTom allows you to answer and make calls by simply tapping the GPS's monitor. After almost hitting another car on the freeway while making a call, I see how this can be helpful. The TomTom can also get real-time traffic and weather conditions and if you're new to a city, you can also get helpful detailed city maps and points of interest. Do you need another nice feature? Well the TomTom adjusts its volume based on the speed you're going. So talkie talkie gets louder when you're speeding down the roadway. And if that isn't enough, the interface is easy and can be used in over 18 languages. Plus it speaks more tongues than a Carniceria that specializes in lingua.

Now anything that routes me around traffic is, to me, Jesus reincarnated, but the unit is kind of funny looking when it sits in your car. Oh yeah, I went there with the big J. Much like the TomTom Go we saw at CES, not only does the 700 appear a bit bubbly and cute to be sitting all day on your vehicle, it uses extra-hulk-superglue that sticks so hard onto your car, when you want to move it to another car, it'll be easier to cut the dashboard out. That said, what's a little dashboard sacrifice when you can get from point A to B without paying a toll or hitting traffic?

You can pick up the 700 for around 700. haha! I love it when it works out like that. coincidence? Or marketing? you decide!