Friday, May 20, 2005

Vegas is great / I f*%^ing hate Vegas

My sister's best friend got married in a small chapel with an intimate crowd of friends this past weekend. This weekend, the couple will have the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and reception.

We all went to Vegas for her small civil ceremony and I had a great time chasing my money while simultaneously paying the stupid tax. No matter how much I am up and winning, I can never walk away at a beneficial time (read with winnings in hand here). So I continue to play and pay and all of a sudden I am set back more than I make in a week. It is the Chinese blood in me that boils when I see money take its rightful place next to cards. OOOOOHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHHHH.

All in all I played in over 5 casinos, won and lost over 3 days, and slept a total of 7 hours in 2 nights. I gambled the rest of time, minus the wedding.

And while driving home from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, I find it assinine to NOT stop at the state line to check out the casinos there and give them their rightful go at my money. Nope. leaving Nevada up one penny is just unacceptable to this little girl. So betwen gambling and window shopping I see an interesting display on Bonnie and Clyde Barrow's legendary car that drove them to their deaths. And I lose my bomb-ass phone.

I gues it is true what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I have learned to hate that line since. Friggin Vegas has my friggin cell phone and friggin SIM card. Frigging phone book and friggin friggin friggin.

Sony VIP Party

You know what I like about 'working the red carpet' at these gigs?

Here's a little set up. This is Sony's kick-off to E3 (you know, that extremely large, elephant in the room type videogame expo that draws more unshowered boys into one city block than a Star Wars-Star Trek convention to the death!). To create much media buzz and get the vultures out, Sony throws an uber excliusive party for an A-list guest list.

All that verbage means this: Sony throws a party for great looking actors/models and extras to eat and drink for free, oh and gives Nicki Hilton an excuse to get another free item. Yeah.

Conversation with Nicki Hilton goes like this:

Chi-Lan: So what brings you out here Nicki?
Nicki: Um, they told me if I came to the party, they'd give me a free PSP.
Chi-Lan: I knew they gave out free PSPs at this party!
Nicki: Yeah, they promised that I would have one in my hand when I walked out of here.
Chi-Lan: Loook Nicki, it ain't no secret that you're this incredibly wealthy hotel heirress. Don't you think you can afford to buy a PSP for yourself?
Nicki: It's not that I can't afford it, you can't buy it. And my brother's gonna probably steal it anyhow.
Chi-Lan: Good thing you came to this party begging for a PSP then.

But the night didn't end with that one riveting conversation, NO! I learned some great life lessons as well. for one thing, I learned from talking to a lit-up star of CSI and music video director that no matter how lit they get, they always manage to keep it together. Is there a super magical cocktail napkin that automatically absorbs the alcohol in their blood? Or perhaps it's a microchip that gets imbedded in their necks when they join SAG, either way, their abrupt soberness surprises and impresses me.

And that was how I spent Tuesday night before E3.