Friday, May 20, 2005

Sony VIP Party

You know what I like about 'working the red carpet' at these gigs?

Here's a little set up. This is Sony's kick-off to E3 (you know, that extremely large, elephant in the room type videogame expo that draws more unshowered boys into one city block than a Star Wars-Star Trek convention to the death!). To create much media buzz and get the vultures out, Sony throws an uber excliusive party for an A-list guest list.

All that verbage means this: Sony throws a party for great looking actors/models and extras to eat and drink for free, oh and gives Nicki Hilton an excuse to get another free item. Yeah.

Conversation with Nicki Hilton goes like this:

Chi-Lan: So what brings you out here Nicki?
Nicki: Um, they told me if I came to the party, they'd give me a free PSP.
Chi-Lan: I knew they gave out free PSPs at this party!
Nicki: Yeah, they promised that I would have one in my hand when I walked out of here.
Chi-Lan: Loook Nicki, it ain't no secret that you're this incredibly wealthy hotel heirress. Don't you think you can afford to buy a PSP for yourself?
Nicki: It's not that I can't afford it, you can't buy it. And my brother's gonna probably steal it anyhow.
Chi-Lan: Good thing you came to this party begging for a PSP then.

But the night didn't end with that one riveting conversation, NO! I learned some great life lessons as well. for one thing, I learned from talking to a lit-up star of CSI and music video director that no matter how lit they get, they always manage to keep it together. Is there a super magical cocktail napkin that automatically absorbs the alcohol in their blood? Or perhaps it's a microchip that gets imbedded in their necks when they join SAG, either way, their abrupt soberness surprises and impresses me.

And that was how I spent Tuesday night before E3.


Encephalitis said...

You don't suffer from Asian Alcohol Intolerance Syndrome, do you? That leads to two glasses of wine and you're hammered; three and you're putting out.

Note that that "microchip" may just be forty years of built-up tolerance (read: they've drunk enough alcohol that their liver has grown bigger than their brain, lungs, and heart put together).

Mooch Rex said...

I wish the conversation went a little more like this:

Nikki: "Hi! Like I'm vapid, I'm like, deleriously rich and I'm too cheap to, like, buy my own PSP! Like!"

Chi-Lan: "PUNCH to the throat!"

Nikki: "Hkkk-aggghh-thhhhh....can'"

Chi-Lan: "KICK to the HEAD!"

Nikki: "AGGGHHH!!"


Chi-lan stands triumphant, hand raised to the heavens, lightning flashes behind her, with the "hot guy of her choice" lying down at her feet a la "Conan the Barbarian".

Brent said...

I don't drink too much.. but they had this really good.... Cold Sake like drink in Korea. And I drank it along with my squid in Incheon.. ha ha

I only drank beer in Indonesia.. it was rather good too. My fiance made sure I didn't have too much... problem was it was sooo hot in Bali I swilled down the beer... not good in the hot climate... I slept like a big bear after that.