Sunday, September 21, 2008

So many things have passed...

Hello all! So sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks. Here is the skinny.

2 weeks ago I left my lovely, warm home in LA to venture to Hershey, PA, one of the sweetest places on earth...that turned into one of the coolest places on earth...because it is home to the biggest RV show on the planet. Yes, that is what I said - on the TV special I filmed called, 'RV 2009' for HGTV. That's right. This is RV show #3 for the big Chi-Lan, and lemme tell you, Hershey was not nice this time around. Being on the east coast during the summer/almost fall puts you in the face of crazy weather. Not only that, with Hurricane Ike coming up, it inspired crazy weather swells all along the east coast. So in short, as much as I love RVs, and i really do as I love camping but having my own bathroom is a must, being in rainy weather that leaves me in wet shoes and socks for a 12 hour period is a toughie to swallow. But the show will be fun to watch i am sure. It airs sometime in March 2009.

Then I came home for all of a day before leaving for my grandmother's 91st birthday!!! It was awesome! She lives in Denver so it is only a short 2 hour flight from LA. The weather is beautiful, the food magnificent, and the company was a blast! Let this be known, I come from an incredibly chinese family who believe that the female's role is to serve her partner/husband. i rolled into my grandmother's house with one of my best friends, Matt. The entire family cooks us delicious noodles and some shell-on shrimp. As I chat with my grandmother at the dinner table, she asks 'you gonna peel that shrimp for Matt?' Wha, wha, whaaaa? Doesn't Matt have two paws of his own, able to de-shell a shrimp like the rest of us? My grandmother continues, 'well, your cousin peels all of her husband's shrimp.' You can take this two ways, 1. peel his shrimp and you may get married too! 2. my cousin's husband is lazy.

So all week long, the joke peeling my shrimp WOMAN?! :) Seriously the party for grandma was one of the best, I laughed all night long and saw my grandmother so happy and healthy that it left me really missing the days where I spent three or four days a week hanging with my grandmother at my mom's house. But she is happy with her numerous great-grandkids. And that is important.