Friday, May 28, 2010

Amazing San Antonio

I got a police escort around southwest San Antonio. Woot!

Me at the Alamo

I love traveling in America. And seeing important places in American
history. But it always shocks me how poorly groomed tour guides at
some of these places are and how drone-y their delivery of this
history can be. I mean, bring that history to life. Tell me a story!
I'm on vacation. You want mento read it on the wall or something? No
wonder everyoe comes to the Alamo to see where Ozzy Osbourne peed and
got arrested. Anyhow loved it at the Alamo. Hated th oppressive
humidity. And I hear 'this isn't even hot'. Well you have a stronger
constitution than this Cali girl. I need some shade. Xoxo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Me and P. Diddy

I love how that rhyms. This is quite unusual. He isn't as small as I

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apolo Anton Ono

I'd like to hold his gold medals.

Really. Evan lysacek let me hold his. That gold has some weight!

Reggie Bush?

He small!

Sports spectacular shoot

This is a charity event I was working fir my new show on K-ABC called
'on the Red Carpet' and I ran into some stars and many many althetes.
I'm no sure which category tara Reid falls into. Suggestions?

I'm lusting after this poster...

Salivation begin!