Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Rarely do things blow my mind. But this scene of my floors being torn
up outside my front door? That did it. I live in a money pit.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cats and dogs premiere

I'm interviewing a stray. My career is taking off!

Hollywood walk of fame turns 50

And the kicked off a day of events with these dancers and drummers.
Super impressive. This ain't no drum circle.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing like living in LA

Passing by a storefront, I see this sign. Although teens and seniors
aren't welcome in some spaces, this establishment welcomes them whole-
heartedly. What a great place .... To make banana cry.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Me and my new bestie

Colbie Caillat. We are both reveling in the poor lighting of higher
learning insitutions.


I'm at Grammy camp doing a story for On The Red Carpet, and am
watching Adam levine and another Maroon 5 guy talk to students and
help guide them in music performance. The kids are now performing. And
being in this classroom full of so many talented kid makes me wonder
how they can work in this terrible lighting?!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

ATV riding

> To add to my 'redneck alaska experience,' my friend MacKenzie
> arranged for us to have a delicious bbq and booze, then riding on
> ATVs. No alaskan wilderness trip would be complete without an buzzed
> outing on something with 4 wheels and a motor, im quickly learning
> so who am i to refuse what the locals love to do? So i saddled up,
> got muddy, and hit by a lot of branches. I went riding in Alaska
> through the forests, along the gravel pits, then on top of, below
> and under the Alaskan Pipeline in this: an ATV. Shut the front door!
> That is what was controlled, with the fierce raw animalistic power
> that is in my biceps. watch out world.

Fwd: Dirt Car races

> To really bring my, as my girlfriend MacKenzie calls it, 'Redneck
> Alaska experience' full circle, she and her father were kind enough
> to take me to the dirt car races where the crappiest, worst and
> hottest pink painted cars are raced along a dirt track for the glory
> of taking the victory lap with a flag. Oh and straight pride. Yup. I
> celebrated this with nachos. melted velveeta cheese over some round
> tortilla chips. that were soon seasoned with the delicous powdering
> of dirt from the races. My neck got pretty red. And I had the best
> time.

gas station

I really loved the look of this gas pump. I wasn't able to get gas
from it. Not because of what you think. The place was just closed!