Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

hey you all! Happy holidays!

Now there are sooo many things to discuss, I have to somehow shave it down to just a few bullet points because I have to run.

1. chocolate - I did a 'sin is in' Sweets shoot for CW NOW. And what did I do for 5.5 hours friday before xmas? I went to 4 locations all throughout Los Angeles, and gorged myself on chocolate. That's right. I ate some sweet, delicious, hand crafted truffles. They were amazing, all with interesting 'juxtapositions of flavor profiles' (look at me go!) like smoked sea salt and 7 Japanese Spices on top of hand crafted chocolates. Comparte is where I ate probably around 7,000 truffle chocolates. It was on Barrington in LA. And not only was I eating my way to obesity at this joint, but my camera crew and I decided we needed some excitement in the form of 'I Dare You's. What did we do? It's kind of an innocuous game when played at work, so my challenge was to get the chocolatier to say 'karate' without asking him to say it outright, nor telling him of the game. Now we all know I am klassy with a 'k' and as smooth as Rico Suave, so what do I do? Well I wait until he is helping these two lovely ladies at the register get their chosen morsels of goodness and then I break out into 3rd degree questioning about that movie, you know, that Ralph Machio became famous in? And who was that great Japanese Actor? Ray, Jay? Oh, and what was that martial art he practiced? It was kung-fu huh? wasn't it? Now sure I sounded like a complete idiot, but friends, let me just say, I won! What you may ask, did I get for my small triumph on behalf of mankind? Well, as my cameraman says, I get 'one point.' I felt more ripped off than when I paid full price for a ticket to see "Men in Black 2'. Anyhow, long story short, I went to 4 places, ate at 4 places, and got sick to my stomach for 2 days! Most women would have died to me in my position. Me? When my producer asked me to have just one more piece, I shot her a stink eye so bad, I think she bathed in tomato juice that night. My bad. Crazy as it was, I totally enjoyed myself. Plus I got to hang with 'Food Dude' Kevin Roberts who loves food more than I do! And he edumakated me on some stuff! It was fun!

2. I will be hosting the Rose Parade 2008 and the 'Making of Rose Parade 2008' again this year! Yeah! Now you all know I am absolutely looney so when they ask me to come and talk about flowers, it is honestly the only thing i can think about for months on end! I absolutely LOVE the Rose Parade and the floats! Plus all the controversy over the China and Beijing Olympics floats. Jeez guys, it's just a bunch of flowers and seeds on papier mache. Are protesters with signs necessary? Anyhow, my call time for these two awesome projects? Oh, a lovely 5 and and 4 am! Yeehaw! I cannot wait! You can watch them both on New Year's Day 2008 on HGTV. I believe the party starts around 6 am, so set your coffee maker.

3. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and got everything you asked Santa for this year. Hugs.