Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Set visit

I'm now on the actual set. I am so ready to play! No deal!
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Deal Or No Deal

Today, I am working for TV GUIDE CHANNEL. Did I mention that I'm doing that? Yes, I did and today is my first shoot on location - on the DEAL OR NO DEAL set! Very exciting. This one contestant is super close to winning, and no I'm not wearing mismatching socks today. Actually, I'm not wearing ANY socks today! Ha ha!

Now allow me to talk about this picture. I go into the women's restroom with the simple wish of using it, and low and behold, my eyes are met with this curious sign. Can you read it? 'Please put toilet paper into the toilet. Not on the floor.' Now sure this is the lobby bathroom many of the audience uses while watching the show/waiting to watch the show, but huh? I thought the sign was going to read 'no hand towels' but no toilet paper on the floor? Are we savages who only put toilet paper into the toilet when we're at home? Do audience wranglers go deep into the woods and bring out only feral adults to be a part of the studio audience? Let's ponder....

I have to admit that I was traveling with some producers from MTV when I worked for OVERDRIVE, and I don't remember how we started talking about this, but sometimes while staying in hotels, I prefer kleenex to toilet paper and am wasteful with the towels. Foreign private pad, different antics! The producer, who I adored, admitted that when he stays in hotels, he pees in the sink instead of the toilet. Whaaaaaaa?! I hoped it was only #1. He then proceeded to say he doesn't do it at home, just in hotels. From that point on, I never put anything into my hotel sinks.

So yes, I guess we all go a little savage when we are in unfamiliar bathrooms. Oh how the world has changed...
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TV Guide Channel

today was my first day on my 'try-out' week with TV Guide Channel. Most of you should get it in your homes...I will be a reporter for Hollywood 411, their flagship hour long daily entertainment news show.

I would make this more interesting, but really, it's 1 am and i am exhausted. but today was the day that i decided to do something special. what you ask is making me wake up and take notice? well, today was the day that i was looking for socks and noticed more than 5 cute little dudes missing their colorful animal clad mates. you see, for many years i was not allowed to have a pet, so i decided to put as many animals on my socks as possible, in the most fluorescent colors as possible. fasts forward a few years later, and i have many a miss matched sock, sad as it stays in my drawer because it can't be worn with its match. well i decided today is the day that i say f-you conventions of American society! i will wear my socks mismatched and all! each sock will live out its life as a full, loved, and well worn sock whether its match has pigs, giraffes, cats, dogs, or monkeys. take that Mr. Bush.

i was gonna take a pic and post it, but my phone died. damn my blackberry.