Saturday, July 15, 2006

The View Monday!!!!

Yes I have seen a lot of movies and have A LOT to report, but more importantly, I will make my first appearance on THE VIEW Monday, July 17th live on ABC!!!! yeah!!!!!

They are flying me out Sunday and waking me at 3 am PST (6 am EST which in NY is reasonable...i guess!) Monday for a live appearance where I will discuss bedroom tech - safe for network television, that that means no Pleasure Chest items, sorry die hards! The products will be fun and my favorite is an LCD TV that when turned off, looks like a mirror. Well with an entra $10K, that mirror and LCD can be your's too!

Ok I have to go pack and kill myself with my nerves. Even if I kstutter and blow it, watch and send some good vibes my way. OMG!!! I am going to be a guest on THE VIEW!!!!! Check your local listings.