Monday, August 22, 2005

Sometimes I wonder...

You know what is weird? People jockeying for their authority. that's what. I mean, this isn't South Park's Cartman saying 'Respect my authority!'. This is a grown woman questioning my need to get pens.

Now for a little back story. Let's say hypothetically that a 'friend' of mine started working for a new network, check it at It's pretty superific. Being at a start-up, there are no office supplies to be had without ordering them first. Logically, 'the friend' orders some. And here is where the trouble begins. Order goes in, yelling ensues about the type of pen, jockeying for authority begins, and the 'friend' goes off about how these pens are not Mont Blanc, but just Pilot pens. Damn. I am not alone in this battle, I know.

little rant, lots of steam. next posting should be about tech related stuff. Hopefully.