Monday, July 27, 2009

Kids WB stuff

So I blogged that I am now doing content for kids websites, and Well the first teases to the stories we got at comic-con can be seen here.

the guy, Steve Z. is my partner is crime and he is adorable and hilarious! but adorable and hilarious dudes don't get the big swag at Comic-con. The girl with a hard to pronounce name, now that gets the free stuff flying! T-shirts, bags, itty bitty toys, and my all-time-favorite toy of all, the Mattel "Adult collector's" Batman Tumbler/Bat-Pod model that depicts the scene where the Bat-Pod breaks from the Tumbler in THE DARK KNIGHT. this thing is so bad ass, I literally lost it when i saw it, and Chris, the uber kind Mattel dude, was like 'here, have one'. then I fainted.

More videos to come from the Comic-con adventure. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009


Second day od Comic-con? DONE! And of course I got myself a pic with Patrick the Starfish. Woot! I played Scribblenauts, a new DS game! And now it is time for a seat! I'm tired of walkin!

The Big Bang Theory

It is a hot, sweaty, crazy mess here at the WB booth! The cast and creators are all here to do signings with fans and lemme just say, people have been waiting for hours to get some hot pen action on some flat pictures from these guys. CRAZY! Another day at Comic-Con and not one bit slower! They're bringing out the big guns.

Captain Caveman makes Comic-Con appearance!

It was unannounced but John DiMaggio, voice of Aquaman and Gorilla Grodd among others on THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD cartoon, did an in-depth interview with Captain Caveman for and! Cool!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

End of first day at Comic-con

And that is my man hand around that drink. It was that crowded and hot, but totally worth it! I was told by a security guard today, 'you're so great at what you. I'd totally love to be doing kids content (I'm rolling wih Kids WB this trip!!!!!!) If my agent would get off his ass.' A Comic-con security guard! Oy. I love this stuff.
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This is my first day at Comic-con and there are some awesome the real Bat-Pod from The Dark Knight! The nest from 'where the wild things are' and more action figures and toys than you can shake a stick at! More to come.