Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bayou outta New Orleans

So my first stop was New Orleans, and yes, I stayed right off Bourbon street. Walking up and down on that street first thing in the afternoon as soon as my boyfriend Matt and I arrived into town was interesting. The street was fairly unpopulated and with all the bars and XXX establishments, it reminded me much of Tijuana. Then we walked along the water, saw the lovely Jackson Square, and came upon Bourbon, in full debauchery mode. Now, it is about 10 pm and the crazies are out. It is the evening before Mardi Gras starts, and there were many people walking up and down the street with their 'Big Ass Beers'. And since the celebration starts the next night, many of the celebrators were out and about practicing how go 'get beads' aka people in their golden years were screaming for beads, begging for empty plastic beer souvenir cups, and a couple people flashed...all for plastic that probably costs all of 2 cents to make in China. Good times.

Today, we decided to see the legendary cemeteries in New Orleans. We started at the St. Louis Cemetery #1 above the french quarter. It was pretty cool as it supposedly housed the corpse of Marie, the Voodoo queen, a chess champ, mayor of New Orleans, and lots more. This cemetery was really spooky but charming, with such interesting graves. For instance, did you know people were buried above ground because it is so wet, if they went below, the rain may wash up their bones? Dogs would love it, sure, but the families, not so much.

Anyhow, we then did an Antebellum architecture tour of the Garden District and saw Anne Rice's house, which is really close to a beautiful and well maintained cemetery in the chic chic garden district.

My take on New Orleans, last night: 'so glad we're outta here in the AM' this afternoon: 'the town is really charming and beautiful, and I love the ironwork all over the homes. And gimme more seafood! Delicious city.'

Bourbon street reeks of despair and mistakes aided by beer goggles, while the rest of the city smells like delicious savory goodness we should all enjoy at least once in our lives.

Next stop, Austin, TX tonight!