Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oy. I am back

Without a lot of hubbub, I return to loyal blog subscribers who, if they haven't passed out from rolling their eyes so far back into their heads, are reading this entry and allowing me to apoligize for my absense.

Ok, so work has been a little bit busier at LTN than I expected. We launched Monday, and it has been a whirlwind of 70 hour weeks, weekend work, and lots of frustrations. But you know what? We got on the air and how, gues who voices some of the promos? Me! Crazy stuff huh? Yup, working here, I write jewels such as 'Hold on to your cojones', and 'We don't speak dorkinese here', and then they bestow the job of voice artist on me for certain shows. Wait til they find out my voice sounds like a kitten being beaten by a punk kid on his way to serial murderer status. That'll learn 'em to take any old girl off the street for a voice!

And what the hell is President Bush doign nominating a good ol' buddy of his to the Supreme Court when she's never been a judge before? Harriet Miers is a female. Yes. Sandra Day O'Connor was a female. Yes. Good parallel there Pres, but really, one had experience as a judge before playing with the big ones on the Supreme Court, and the other is Harriet Mier. We're not hiring employees for a rib shack here people.

Oh, everyone, if you sign up for the LTN Crew ( than you can get prizes and win appearances on our TV network, and invites to our party. That's pretty good.

And now that things have settled a bit more, yes, I will update more often.