Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day AGAIN

ok, mRobe review. short and sweet, it ain't worth your penny cause as pretty as it is, it don't got the junk in the trunk. I mean, the camera alone blows so bad I have to drop it like it's hot. The LCD viewfinder has issues refreshing, so it looks like you're constantly shooting with a slow shutter. Also, since there is no shutter button, to take the picture, you have to tap on the touchscreen, moving your shot more often than capturing the moment. Sure it's really pretty and the touchscreen interface is a cool concept, but it's got aobut three more versions before it actually poses a threat to the iPod Photo or Creative Zen.

Now with Valentine's Day upon us, I have decided to offer up advice in the category of amour if you are brave enough to ask it and possibly take it.

Actually, I am just incredibly excited about 'The Gates', the public art piece put up in Central Park by Cristo and jean-Claude. 26 years in the making and 20 million of the artists' own money brings a stunning walk of gates to the park during a grim season of chill and wind.

Ok it's late and I am lazy so off to bed I go! I wish you all a good night and not too much suffering as we all embark on another day that the greeting card companies devised to force our dependance on greeting cards and the like. I have nothing against flowers though. I'm no monster afterall.