Sunday, July 20, 2008

My weekend

Of pure debauchery...I have spent two nights in a row out in west hollywood. That's LA's gay and going out area. It is my good friend Manuel's birthday and we had to celebrate like gay men do, cause he's gay. And yes, on the weekends, the bridge and tunnel crowd descend like bees to a honey pot on weho. I went to the abbey, a very popular bar, twice and a gay dance club called Rage-it was asian boy night. I had to go! It has been a while since I saw young sweaty muscles gyrating to drum and bass. Not only do they gyrate, there was this one cheeky go-go dancer that pulled his only piece of 'dance wardrobe' down half past his butt crack, leaned on to a rail, looked back I guess he thought seductively, and started thrusting the ass up. Hmmm...guess this dancer took the 'face down, ass up' literally. Plus if you like his dancing, you give him a dollar. Yes, I patronize wonderful and reputable establishments. And since I did that, I am now good. Yes, they all stuff.