Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a quickie

ok, so I only have enough time for a quickie post. Moose, my little 2 oz dog is such a thug gangster, I swear, if he were human, he's be spending all summer at Magic Mountain throwing gang signs.

Fed Ex came again today and all the little dude does is bark so much! he's terrorized the delivery guy so much, he just throws the boxes at the doorstep and leaves. I usually see smoke trails by my door, that's how i know he was there.

But I love Moose more than anything.

And I am meeting up with old Tech TVer Martin Sargent today. Yeah! it'll be fun to catch up. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New version of old bluetooth headset

You know what sucks? That I am deaf in an ear. Usually I am all right with that but today, well it bites just a bit more.

Motorola just released a newer version of their MotoBlue bluetooth headset and it is now called the Motorola MiniBlue. I think their last version had issues with ear wax build-up. I am not sure if that is really a Motorola issue as much as it is a user issue (clean yer ears!). Ok, it is a Motorola issue, so I hope that this new version of the hyped bluetooth headset that literally fits into your ear like an earbud, and performs WITHOUT the little microphone jutting into your cheek, fixes that issue.

Now since it fits into your ear, it's pretty discreet, which is nice. And since it sits in the ear like an earbud, the headset actually blocks out ambient noise, making the calls clearer. And since no one's ear is the same, they provide ear tips to create a unique seal (doesn't that just sound weird, like they're boxing your ears with this thing? Just me? huh.) Anyhoo, it also has a range of 33 feet. And since it has no mic jutting out to transmit the sounds eminating from your pie hole to the other end, the headset probably transmits the vibrations from the inner ear to the other side. Don't even ask me how that works, but it does. With about 7.5 hours of talk time, about 500 hours of standby time, and weighing about 7,5 ounces, this little dude could be a mainstay in the ol' noggin for one or 1000 of you.

For myself, even though it is ultra small and discreet, all which I love, I know the minute I slip this into my pocket, I will forget it, then end up washing it and destroying it. Plus if it ever made it into the black hole abyss I call my purse, well, that will be the last time i see it. Plus the whole being deaf in an ear doesn't really make this a favorable device, since it plugs up the ONE AND ONLY working ear I have. Sure calls may come through crystal clear, but I won't hear any noise, including the bicyclists riding by, ringing their little bells at me to move, then they'll crash into me, I'll fall, break a pelvis, then where will I be? On a street somewhere, tangled with a bicyclist, clothes torn, pelvises broken, hair disheveled...wait, is it getting hot in here? Wasn't i writing about a bluetooth headset?

anyhow, $150 buys you one of these little doodads. And if you work hard enough, you too can get mangled and tangled with a sexy bicyclist on the street thanks to Motorola's new MiniBlue. Peace out sexy bastards!