Tuesday, April 08, 2008

TV Guide Channel

today was my first day on my 'try-out' week with TV Guide Channel. Most of you should get it in your homes...I will be a reporter for Hollywood 411, their flagship hour long daily entertainment news show.

I would make this more interesting, but really, it's 1 am and i am exhausted. but today was the day that i decided to do something special. what you ask is making me wake up and take notice? well, today was the day that i was looking for socks and noticed more than 5 cute little dudes missing their colorful animal clad mates. you see, for many years i was not allowed to have a pet, so i decided to put as many animals on my socks as possible, in the most fluorescent colors as possible. fasts forward a few years later, and i have many a miss matched sock, sad as it stays in my drawer because it can't be worn with its match. well i decided today is the day that i say f-you conventions of American society! i will wear my socks mismatched and all! each sock will live out its life as a full, loved, and well worn sock whether its match has pigs, giraffes, cats, dogs, or monkeys. take that Mr. Bush.

i was gonna take a pic and post it, but my phone died. damn my blackberry.

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