Thursday, August 03, 2006

my blog's been blank all day

and I am wondering what the?!

so I just flew back from Washington DC today and lemme tell you, the 6 hour cross country flight wasn't so bad and would have been received better by your's truly if, and only if, a family of 5 weren't sitting directly in front of me. And by directly in front of me, I mean the little 4 year old girl yammers on and on and on for hours on end with no parental calming, cooing, or shutting up of the little pie hole. Now please don't get me wrong, I love children and someday may have a child of my own, but know this and know this now, I pledge to society that I will instill the fear of God in my child that if he or she speaks out of turn and acts up in a small space like, say a plane, where upwards of 200 adults who are all trying to sleep and who are all in earshot of her jabbering, we will have more than just 'words' together. Damn hippie parents respecting the soul of this child, yada yada yada. What about respecting my need to sleep and drool on the borrowed plane pillow? How's about that ma and pa?! Your daughter is 4, her life hasn't been long and experienced enough to let her tell her life story over 6 hours! Kids are cute, but camman!

I think this is why I am not allowed in animal shelters. Just a guess.


Brent said...

Geeze..... that is what iPods are for....

Actually I sometimes daydream about dumping liquid nitrogen over the kids head cryogenically freezing him or her until they could be thawed out.... hopefully the end of the flight.

Does this make me a bad person?... of course not.

Tim Courtney said...

Yeah what Brent said, miss tech toys, where were your headphones? ;-)

I do sympathize though. I thought I escaped the crying/yammering kids on a Chicago/SFO flight cause I had a first class upgrade. Yeah, right! Now I understand the market for those pricey noise cancelling headphones you always see people on planes wearing.

Be grateful she wasn't behind you, KICKING YOUR SEAT THE WHOLE WAY.h