Thursday, November 13, 2008

Neo, the singer, not Keanu Reeves

So it has been more thanm 3 weeks since my last post. Cut me some slack, I just moved to Atlanta 3 weeks ago to host 'Designed To Sell' on HGTV Twhich btw won't air til 2010, I don't even know what to say). But anyhow, I'm employed and living in the south, the dirty south, but luckily I got a filthy mouth so I fit in fine. So what have I been up to? Besides the frustration of traffic, it seems that every ATL person takes a left on every street during rush hour to piss the rest of us off, and the cops think it is fine, I haven't done much but try and create a little home. And go to a party, my first outing in the city, since I moved here and ended up seeing Neo! Not that I wouldn't watch Wayne Newton if he were singing for free at a party I just happened to turn up at, but still...this guy was pretty good! And yes, he is wearing a fedora. He sang his hits, 'lovesong' and some other one (yeah I'm a fan) and some songs where he only sang two verses. I felt cheated...the bastard.

Atlanta is a different town folks, smaller town feel and I feel like I can get away with more here, like never wearing anything but 2 shirts and jeans during an entire week. And I'm tempted to buy a fedora. Gawd this town is weird. :)
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davidrc46 said...

Congrats on your new gig. That's wonderful news.
I'm sure you're going thru culture shock moving to Atl from LA. Hang in and you will be saying y'all before you know it.

Brent said...

Ha ha.... You are not far from me now.. ha ha. I'm taking my wife and sons to Atlanta soon. Ranch 99 here we come. They do have the largest Asian population in the south...

Now Chi Lan.. say Ya'll I'm fixen' to go eat dimsum.. he he

Norm Spivock said...

I's confused. Chi lives Atlanta now?

Not hosting Big Tease anymore? I've been doing lottsa traveling filming lately.

Trying to catch up.

Is all tha nasty talk Chi's?

Putting down Atlanta etc?

Sorry if I's wrong.

Sad, if "I's roght.