Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You'd think Stella would need adjustment time, but nope. She's looking pretty content using my leg as her pillow. Yes, those are my skeleton pajama pants. How dare you?! They're oldies. And I think I smell skunk! Crap...

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Dr V said...

Awwwww...I'd say Stella is home! You can't get more trust than to curl-up with someone and fall asleep on them. Obviously Stella is a superb judge of character. ^_^

Now...let's discuss those skeletons on your pants. hahaha If I was a skeleton, I'd have an attitude! How can I show my personality, if I don't have a face? Can't look into my soul, if I don't even have eyes. I heard women like brainy guys...but I don't have one! And let's not mention the loss of muscle tone! But these guys seem so happy. What's their secret?! hahaha

Keep up the great work Chi-Lan! Stella needed love, and she's really fortunate to have found you. This could be the only time in her life that she'll have to have find a person who is a great as her expectations. Good luck and continued success.