Friday, July 11, 2008


Is sooo happy sleeping right now. I can always tell when his tongue is slightly sticking out. He's a stud.


Brent said...

This is probably how I look...except I'm snoring. I'm sure my tongue sticks out.

I snore so loud my wife videoed me on her phone.. she played it back to wake me up... it sounded like a coffee maker brewing.

Dr V said...

Moose is trying to be considerate. I believe he's been reading his medical journals again, and trying to reposition his uvula to minimize snoring. This guy is such a team player! hahaha

Best wishes for a great weekend to Chi-Lan, and the other Lieu household members.

Jimmy OneBlack said...

This is just another sign that cats and dogs are not so far apart- my cat is the same way sometimes.

Housepets are quite amusing.

Rgr said...

Just saw one of your training videos that you helped Intel do for their Retailedge program and you looked gorgeous.