Monday, July 07, 2008

Dirty old man or taudry young woman?

I'd probably vote for the latter, as that is X-Files creator Chris Carter. That's right! Somehow Fox didn't listen to the rumors, took my number off the bathroom wall, and hired me to do some international generic press for the new X-Files: I Want To Believe.

And believe it folks, I was a huge fan, had framed memorabelia, autographed photos, and...wait for it... went to the X-Files convention.

Once you've stopped laughing your arse off, you have to admit that was a pretty great show, and gave me a reason to stay in on friday nights.

So Chris Carter, who you can't tell right away, but is wearing a long beaded 'surfer/hippie chain' under his shirt, is pretty badass. And yes, I found out about the chain's location the Hollywood way. Wha? Wha? What does that mean? Hmmm...looks like another case for the dynamic duo, Mulder and Scully, or as the tabloids would affectionately call them, Sculder or Muldly.
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Moose's new buddy said...


davidrc said...

Way cool, Chi-Lan.
I see you as one of the "Lone Gunman", but watch out for the cigarette smoking man.

Dr V said...

CONGRATS CHI-LAN! That's a great gig, promoting one of the best franchises EVER! Other than the Star Trek series, X-Files is my next favorite. Perhaps if I matured in the X-Files age, then it would likely have been my top-choice. So I'm thrilled that they made a very wise decision adding you to the X-Files machinery. Chris Carter is known for recognizing smart talented women, and I'm happy to see his good judgment hasn't dulled over the years.

Having said all that, does he really need to be so close to take this photo? And what's this about finding about his beads under his shirt "...the Hollywood way"? Huh? ^_^

Continued success Chi-Lan. We love you, and we're elated at your success!
P.S.: LOVE your hair!

yam said...

The "Hollywood way"? Hugs and air kisses?

Big Mack said...

The old "casting couch", eh!!

I'm shocked!

Well, a Hollywood girl has to do what she has to do!!

Just kidding!

Congrats on your new gig. Will be looking for you on...where is that you'll be?

Well, does sound cool.

Before long, you'll have more than just a couple of stalkers...I mean bloggers! And then we'll miss the good old days when we had you all to ourselves.

Onward and upward, sweetness.

Brent said...

Wow now you need to twitter.. ha ha we can follow your moves minute by minute...

Congrats and keep your nuggetberry going.