Tuesday, June 20, 2006

eerie and almost ALL true!

has anyone checked out tv.com? Well tonight at 11:30 pm PST, I have! and it has some stuff on me! How do they know so much about me?


it's amazing. sure some things are wrong, like the fact that I am working 'on a pilot called I WANT THAT TECH TOYS,' rather I am hosting the show that will be on HGTV for at least an entire season, and if you all keep watching, maybe three! watch August 2nd and keep me employed! i love it.

Honestly, I never thought anyone would care enough to find out all those details about me, but voila!

Is Anyone in DC August 2nd? that's when my premiere party is....hopefully i will be invited.

tomorrow, i get paid to see 'You, Me and Dupree.' I swear, it is days like that I realize how lucky I am to get to see movies - with free popcorn! - before they are released, and then get to interview the stars about the film. It's pretty fun. and the only pain that i suffer is having to be around self-absorbed, self-important film critics high on their own great douche bagged-ness.

Has anyone seen South Park 'SMUG' episode? Awesome. and kind of what i am saying...


Brent said...

Wow... Chi lan, you are jamming now, and to think we knew you when you were jumping in German pics....

Well... employment is good... I am always trying to make money.. :)

Good luck

Jason aka Dark Magician 25 said...

Haha that was a great episode of South Park. Sadly in August I will probably be in TN setting some things and doing all i can to make sure i can be in school this fall. But its my last year in College :), which means I expect a job next season Chi-Lan :-P.

Id rather be toasting your new show up in DC but those are the way things happen.

Tim Courtney said...

SIGGRAPH is the same weekend as your premiere, in Boston. I'm trying to make up a good excuse for work to send me there but that's highly unlikely.

Oh, and I'm new to your blog, Chi-Lan, but we did meet briefly on the set of TSS end of 2004. Kevin interviewed me for a segment on Virtual LEGO. Somehow I ended up surfing TSS stuff tonight and landed here. So, hi.

Tim Courtney said...

PS - I just set up an aggregator. Can you set up an RSS feed on your blog?

A quick Google for 'blogger rss' revealed this Blogger help page that says you can't publish RSS unless you're a Pro user. But, they recommend a site called FeedBurner as a workaround.

Howzabout that? A site recommending a way to work around their premium service.

CBSpaceCowboy said...

Hey Chi lan. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been kind of busy. But yes, I love that episode of south park.

Brent said...

I should have flown into DC Aug. but would Chi-Lan let me in her party?

Brent??? Brent Who?.... um security!!!!

Ha ha... Have fun Chi-Lan

the breakfast ninja said...

Yeah, Chi-Lan - I work in DC, and should be around on 8/2. If you're coming to town, let me know, and I'll buy you a beer to celebrate your success. :-)