Tuesday, July 11, 2006

charity event

hi everyone! Sunday, July 16th from 11 am-5 pm, if you all have no plans and are in the LA-ish area, why not hop in your car and come to The Catalyst Foundation's Art and Gourmet Show? I will be MCing the art auction. Come and see me underwhelm an entire crowd instead of just your tv screens-LIVE! Or if you can't make it to the lunch, just come for the show. The tickets for the entire event are $55, but just $10 for the art show.

The art show consists of many great artists that have works that range from painting to photography to sculpture. And are you guys aware of how art programs are used as a type of therapy for seniors, prisoners and the mentally challenged? I used to volunteer at a gallery that aided the latter in using art as a form of expression. Many of the mentally challenged artists in the program made some of the most amazing works. And in this show, I think they may have a couple unique pieces created by prisoners.

The Catalyst Foundation is a non-profit that raises money to help at-risk youths with programs that build their self-esteem, build awareness for their environment, and help those afflicted with AIDS living in the Lancaster/Palmdale area.

Yes I know it is Africa hot out there, but come on, it's for the kids. I know they are trying to sell a number of tix, but the number they have sold isn't so high just yet. So I am hoping to help them get some people out! Hope to see someone there! ;) Come up and say hi too.


DavidRC46 said...

I love your phrase " Aficia hot."
I enjoy your posts because you always have a clever phrase and interesting opinions.
Good luck with your charity event.
Looking forward to watching your new HGTV show in August.

Brent said...

Well... you haven't felt hot until you walk around Jakarta in the Summer... the humidity is so thick.

Whew... I'm glad Chi-Lan is doing well... she is doing well keeping her face out there.

She has shown she has a good heart by hosting a worth while event... she also showed her serious side too..

Good luck to Ya Chi...