Monday, April 28, 2008

Slc wedding baby!

Hello all! I am writing you from the lovely low and basement filled Salt Lake City! Now being a Cali girl for most of my life, basements are an anomaly...we have earthquakes and defensive drivers. The rest of the US has basements and people that drive the speed limit. Needless to say, this trip was an eye opener!

I got here a few days ago for my cousin's 'controlled Chinese chaos' wedding banquet. I LOVE these things! However, her banquet was sans the usual karaoke fare, but to each his own. I wished the happy couple much luck and love, and headed straight to the bar with the rest of the cousins!

That is a pic of my older sister and younger brother. And that is the Green Street bar. I guess it is happening there when it is NOT a sunday night, but honestly, it was quite empty. And walking up to Pottery barn and Restoration Hardware at 11 pm was confusing. Looks like hip bars situate themselves between overpriced furniture stores? Who knew!
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Rick Shafer said...

Hey Pretty Eyes,

Is your life just one continuous party? You smile at work, you smile at home.... heck, I even think you smiled in the restroom, though I'm not sure.
Keep smiling, cause you know "when your smilin', really smilin', the whole world smiles with you".
By the way the rice shortage is a self fulfilling prophecy, when everyone stocks up all at the same time... it's going to cause a shortage.
By the by, did you know there is a 12 story building in Taipai that was once an office building but now it - the whole thing mind you, has been converted to a huge karoke mill!
Imagine being able to go to one location and being able to wail away in hundreds if not thousands of different rooms.
That's what I'm talkin''bout!
Wurd to your motha'(or sister or brother or something)

Brent said...

Yes Rick she is always smiling!!! and a handsome family too... her brother reminds me of my brother in law. However I might point out that holding cups of uranium is quite hazard-is!!

Tunaman3000 said...

I am a big fan of basements.