Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neuro Fuzzy!!!!

I thought my birthday was a complete wash...I mean, what did I do besides spend my birthday with 8 of my closest friends, then karaoke the night away with another 10 friends? Absolutely nothing but ring in my new age smiling, riding bare back on a unicorn to the end of the rainbow. Did I mention the box of kittens I was delivering to an open animal farm? See what I mean? Worthless! Forgettable!

And then it happened...the heavens saw my need for it, and delivered upon me my new Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy! It utilizes fuzzy technology. YEAH! Not only is the name the hottest thing to hit my lips since brad pitt's ass, it can cook up many, many different types of rice, from sticky to porridge. Neuro Fuzzy: 1, Brad Pitt: zero!

I love my new little rice cooker. Life is now complete. Excuse me now, I must go dry my eyes. This is true happiness-a new rice cooker. WURD.
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archie4oz said...

I have a little silver 3.5cup Sanyo that I love. Unfortunately they just came out with a new black and silver one that matches my kitchen even better (same with their vertical toaster oven). I don't need them but damn I want them!

Dr V said...
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Dr V said...

Just when you get discover you have a long way to go. I've tried to remain technologically relevant; gene splicing, nanotechnology, and the like. Neanderthals went extinct because they couldn't keep-up with the technological revolution. And I'm not going out like that! Now you expose my obvious short-comings regarding the virtues of "Fuzzy Technology." Damn...I hope it's not too late! haha

On that note, I hope it's not too late to help you welcome the best year of your life Chi-Lan. We love what you do. By the way, you'd look hot as Lady Godiva bareback on your unicorn! hahaha

Brent said...

Ever since I found out that most Chinese don't eat Minute Rice, I have wanted a rice cooker... and of course a fuzzy logic one. The best come from Japan with Korea and Malaysia producing some nice models. I bought one myself... wow unless you are really clueless, you can make great rice. I like rice porridge with ham and chives... all my Azn hommies cook rice all day long and eat if with almost every meal.

I thought my exwife who was Chinese was going to kill me when I put butter on my rice... Hey I'm white we do that.

Brent said...

Um wait a minute.... what about your lips and Brad Pitt's ass!!!?????

Fuzzy logic?

Tunaman3000 said...


I have this rice cooker. It may change your life. It changed mine but I am guessing you have a little more going on than I. Anyway, you can cook all sorts of things in there and it's super easy. Enjoy your delicious rice!


mikepittenger said...

I just stocked up on rice. It seems there might be a world shortage around the corner.