Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Iron Man review

That's right. I saw the new IRON MAN movie, before it's release. And no, I didn't invite anyone. I am sorry. But me seeing it first allows me to tell you all that it was an awesome movie, so good that I want to see it again this weekend when it comes out! hells yeah! i thought it was a good 'check your brain at the door' movie with humor, a good story line, smarter than action movie dialogue, and great special effects. And i finally learned why Robert Downey Jr's a star. Now let me just say i saw this film with a real fan of the IRON MAN comic books and he gave the movie a modest B-, but well, if you're not expecting much (and honestly, who can with the magic babies trailer editors create from scraps of diarrhea nowadays), then you will be more than surprised. Not only did they get the suit right, the most important point to my comic book loving friend, but the script was really funny. And stuff exploded. And i don't have to clean up any mess afterwards. Hoo--ahhhh! Can I just say, there was so much testosterone in this movie, i was man hungry when i went in, and i came out sated. Pretty good for a single gal who is pretty sure the pants stayed on for 2 hours! And yes, I could go on and on about what made this movie good, but you're not looking for me to replace your Tivoed Ebert and Roper, so I'll just say this, repeating what i said earleir, I want to see it again this weekend. That's how good it is, seeing it twice in a weekend? wha???? and you all know how hard it is to rip a $10 out of my crazy tight grips.


Dr V said...

Okay won me over! I'll go to see 'Iron Man' this weekend, because you wrote a "kick me in the butt, and off the fence" review. When you are willing to rip that $10 out of your "crazy tight grip," then it trumps my "kung-fu grip." Be advised, when it comes to movies, I've been known to squeeze pennies so hard that I can create a black hole between my fingers. I'm an independent film guy...not easily moved to Hollywood's blockbusters. The last movie I've gone to the movie to see is 'Superman Returns'...which was actually pretty good. I'll trust your good taste Chi-Lan...and loosen my grip on my wad of cash.

Brent said...

I have been wanting to see Iron Man ever since I saw some clips. You are right about Robert Downey Jr. He is a great actor... I remember his dad on late night TV chain smoking and yelling.. ha ha

I think Robert Jr. ought to play his late dad in a movie sometime.

Tunaman3000 said...

"and honestly, who can with the magic babies trailer editors create from scraps of diarrhea nowadays" OK, so I will send you a cool hundred if you manage to work this into that show you host on the Reelz channel.