Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just another day...

So nothing eventful really happened today except I took my dog, Moose, to get bathed. Let's face it, he stank! I don't even know how a dog his size, please note his head size to mine, can produce that many little swirly wafts of stench. I mean, this is like alien dog smell from the deepest, darkest reaches of a moldy universe! And it is flea season.

Now why the hell am I taking a pic of my gorgeous dude and myself in my car? I've been hanging with mom all day and now we are waiting for her as she picks up an order of sesame balls. Hello snack time! I love living in suburban chinatown.
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Dr V said...

Hey Chi-Lan, you asked for it! When you name a guy 'Moose', you automatically open the door to the whole universe of manly man smells. He can't help it! hahaha's his way of getting out for some 1-on-1, since he's been MIA on the Show. ^_^

yam said...

yum, love those sesame balls! i also like the mochi balls with the black sesame paste inside.